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Pack My Hospital Bag with Me for Labor & Delivery

The time is almost here! I am currently 33 weeks along while writing this, so we have approximately 6 more weeks until we meet our baby girl. Her expected due date is on a Tuesday. I have a few more weeks at home to nest and organize before returning to work for approximately two weeks. Following this, I will officially begin my maternity leave.

In the meantime, I have been organizing and packing our hospital bag for labor and delivery. As a first time mom, I am probably packing more than I need. However, as a planner and a chronic over packer, it's quite inevitable at this point that there will be items packed that won't be used. Nevertheless, here are the clothing and main items we will be bringing for the baby and for me. :)

Items for Baby

1. Nursing Pillow

I plan on breastfeeding so I plan on bringing our nursing pillow with us to the hospital for extra comfort. We received this nursing pillow as a gift and are excited to begin using it.

labor delivery

2. Blanket

Another comfort item we will be bringing is a blanket. This was the first blanket I bought for our baby girl. It was found at Buy Buy Baby before the clearance sales.

labor delivery

3. Swaddle Blankets

I expect the baby to be using swaddle blankets rather than clothing items during our time in the hospital. These blankets are extremely soft.

labor delivery

4. White Onesies, Two Different Sizes

The over packer in me packed two extra onesies, different sizes. One is a newborn size, the other 0-3 month size. Both are from the Carter's brand.

labor delivery

5. Going Home Outfits

Again, I will be bringing two different options for a going home outfit. The darker pink onesie was gifted to us by my sister, and the lighter pink set is from Old Navy.

labor delivery

6. Swaddle & Announcement Outfit

We plan on taking announcement photos at the hospital. We were gifted this beautiful swaddle and bow set at the baby shower. It's perfect to use for this moment!

labor delivery

7. Sleepers

Again, the over packer in me will be bringing two sleepers, both different sizes. The purple one is from Target. The yellow one was graciously gifted to us at our baby shower.

labor delivery

8. Miscellaneous Items: Burp cloth, extra bow, nail clippers, pair of socks, pacifiers

labor delivery

All packed together!

I packed all the items together in this clear tote. I plan on reusing these totes (aff link) in our diaper bag to organize toiletries, diapers, and clothes.

labor delivery

Items for Mother to Be

1. Comfortable & Lounge Outfit

labor delivery

2. Nursing Pajama Sets

labor delivery

3. Coming Home Outfit: Leggings, Loose Shirt, & Cardigan

labor delivery

4. Silk Robe

labor delivery

5. Nursing Bras & Comfortable Underwear

labor delivery

6. Silk Hair Ties & Other Toiletries

labor delivery

These clear bags are perfect for organizing and packing! I plan on using them in our diaper bag.

Other items on our list include the following:

- Medical & Information: Birth Plan (I will be bringing ours in a page projector), Photo ID's & insurance cards, doctors' contact information

- Mama to Be: Comfy slippers, Toiletries & light makeup, Maxi pads

- Dad to Be: Comfortable clothes, button-down shirt, slippers/comfortable shoes, pillow, phone & chargers, toiletries

Click below for my Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist FREEBIE!


Morgan Elizabeth

labor delivery

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